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Family owned and operated since 1976, Tank-o Alaska is committed to providing the highest quality rental tanks and service from its operations in Deadhorse, AK. Tank-o Alaska provides support for exploration, production, and service companies on the North Slope working to develop Alaska's oil and gas resources. Our specialty tanks offer a variety of sizes, functionality, wall configurations, and openings. Our fleet of tanks support drilling contractors, chemical suppliers, camp support, construction, and all phases of activity on and off the road system throughout the North Slope. Covering a wide range of applications beyond general purpose usage, the diverse fleet fits needs in the field to improve productivity, safety and jobsite footprint. As Alaska's North Slope continues to grow, increased volumes and expansion to fields beyond Deadhorse require additional support to protect the environment.

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Inspection Services

  • Level II Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Level II Liquid Penetrant Testing
  • Level II Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (Digital & A-Scan)